Lush Lip Scrub: The Kiss (Valentine’s Day collection)

I’ve wanted to try Lush products for a little while now, particularly after I decided to transition to cruelty-free makeup. Which is why when I realised Lush had released a Valentine’s Day collection, I knew I had to get my hands on something from the pretty pink range.

Having never tried a lip scrub before, I don’t have anything I can compare this to. I’ve tried a bunch of lip balms before, but lately I’ve found these aren’t cutting it in the way of lip nourishment. Cue this limited edition lip scrub!

The scrub comes in a cute little glass pot with a bright pink design. All the ingredients are listed on the label, and at the base of the pot, it tells you the person who made the product, when it was made and when it expires.

Inside you get 25 grams of sugary-scrubbing goodness. The pink packaging matches the product, and within the grainy mixture, you’ll find edible red hearts, which are more for decoration than exfoliation. The scent is very similar to the one you get when you first walk into a Lush store – very sweet, but in a good way! It’s a traditional ‘Lush store’ scent.

It’s a little messy to apply, especially with those little red hearts, but easily wipes away with a lick of the lips (it’s super delicious!), or with a damp cloth. It’s a really beautiful idea for a lip scrub, and you don’t need much to exfoliate the lips.

If you are wanting to try this scrub, you have until Valentine’s Day (February 14th – not long at all!) to get your hands on this. They have a few other lip scrubs that work just the same as this one (minus the cute hearts) if you’re looking at trying something similar to this.

Have you used one of Lush’s lip scrubs? Let me know what you think of them in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Lush Lip Scrub: The Kiss (Valentine’s Day collection)

  1. I wanted to buy this one but couldn’t justify it because I’m still using their popcorn lip scrub. The color is so appealing (pink, I mean… how could it not be?). I ended up buying their Over & Over bath bomb instead and was not disappointed. How great is their Valentine’s Day collection? I’m so excited I got a gift card from my boyfriend today, the man knows exactly how to make me happy haha. Great blog by the way.

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