Sephora Skincare

Sephora’s bright packaging, eye-catching skincare is hard to miss while in store. Each time I’ve been there I’ve taken a couple of items with me to try. Find out what hit and missed the mark for me.

Face masks

At first I thought I liked these. They’re sheet masks with different properties to nourish, repair, moisturise, brighten, perfect and more. While they aren’t terrible, I find the sheets have way too much product on them, leaving lots of residue post-treatment. The only way I’d use these again is by blotting them with a paper towel first to soak up all the excess product. If you do want to try these, I suggest the Pearl one!

Sleeping masks

I really don’t enjoy thick, heavy leave-on products, even if they’re for night-time use. I bought the Ginseng sleeping mask (mono), and while the ginseng was quite nice, the formulation was too heavy for me and felt very sticky. Don’t be fooled by the term “mono” though…this easily lasts a week, so if you bought the full sized pot, it would last you ages.

Eye masks

These are pretty much the same as the face masks, except they’re just for the under eye area. I find these really soothing, and don’t mind the excess product, as it’s easy to rub down and into the skin. For tired eyes, try the Marine Algae one.

To sum up, the only items I would repurchase are the eye masks, as I find these are the easiest to work with. While I didn’t enjoy the other two items, I can see them working for others, particularly those with very dry skin.

Have you tried Sephora’s skincare line? Let me know what worked for you in the comments!




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