Glam Glow gift set

Last year, Glam Glow released two holiday gift packs. Being too poor to afford the $390 AUD set, I opted for the $98 one – mainly to try the Gravity Mud everyone’s raved about.

After trying and comparing all of these, I’ve summed up my thoughts ranging from my most to least favourite. Hopefully this helps those of you trying to decide which one to get. As a side note, each tube is 30mL, while a full size pot is 50mL.


This is how I first heard about the brand Glam Glow. The Gravity Mud comes in the purple packaging and is a silver peel off mask. It has a strong tropical (think coconuts and pineapples) scent to it. After application, it made my skin feel tighter, and made it look noticably brighter. I hope to repurchase a full size of this!


This is my second favourite of the masks. It’s a wet mask that doesn’t dry down – it’s more to coat and soak into the skin, hence the name ‘Thirsty’. After 20 minutes, I use warm water to removed. It smells like coconut water, and leaves my skin feeling hydated and a little softer. I’d consider repurchasing this one. You can see my first impression of it here.


This one comes in black packaging, and is almost as famous as the Gravity Mud. I find this one is very tingling and burns a little when first applied. As it dries down that sensation goes away. My skins feels softer after application, however after trying others in the range, I would not repurchase. You can see my first impression of it here.


Don’t be fooled by it’s white, pretty packaging – this one packs the biggest punch when applied (and smells like licorice!). It’s similar to Youth Mud, but it stings like anything, and my skin isn’t super sensitive either. I really didn’t enjoy this one, and won’t be repurchasing.

I still haven’t tried the green or orange masks yet though, so please let me know if either of those should be on my list! Which is your favourite Glam Glow mask?

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