Glam Glow Thirsty Mud

This is the second Glam Glow product I’ve tried, thanks to their 14 mL $27 AUD travel sized option. The Thirsty Mud is a hydrating mask, and feels like a thick cream serum. It has a nice coconut smell to it, and retains its texture once applied (unlike the Youth Mud).

It has a cool-tingling sensation on the skin, but no way near as intense as the Youth Mud. After 15 minutes, I used warm water and massaged the product off my face. My skin felt super smooth and nourished afterwards, and I feel like it helped hydrate my dry skin.

The beauty about this mask is that you don’t have to use as much as the Youth Mud, as the Thirsty Mud’s texture can be moved around (doesn’t dry out).

I would consider repurchasing the travel size, although the $98 full size is still too much for my wallet. I’m hoping Glam Glow comes out with a travel Gravity Mud, as I’d love to try the silver mask craze next.

For those who are interested, Glam Glow has a $98 GiftSexy Core Mud Kit containing four 30 mL tubes of some of their best-selling masks (I’m tempted), or a $399 The Magic Box Of Sexy Kit with their full-sized “bestselling must-haves” (I’m not tempted, that’s too pricey for me!)

Have you tried this mask or one of the holiday kits? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section 🙂

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