ColourPop eyeshadows

Everyone and their mother has tried and raved about ColourPop’s formulation, colour range and cheap price point. I’ve only tried three ‘metallic’ shades, but these make for perfect “all-over” colours, or as fanastic lid colours (due to their intense shimmery properties).


Sequin is a copper-brown shade with a boat-load of silver and gold glitters. This is a key ingredient to a bond smokely look, and will make blues eyes really stand out.


Bubbly is the prettiest pastel bummblegum pink I’ve ever seen, and contains fine silvers glitters. It’s my favourite out of the three, especially on Wednesdays!


Sugar is the most unique shade out of the three I picked up, and is a light bluey-green. Pale green-gold shimmer is what gives this shade is colour-shifting properties. In normal light, it leans more towards the pale blue side.

I’m so impressed with these shadows, and the only downside for me is their bulky packaging. Unfortunately due to their formulation, they can’t be de-potted, otherwise they will dry up. I think I’ll deal with the downside with intense colour and shimmer like this…

These are by-far have the most unique formulation I’ve ever come across. They feel almost damp to the touch, but dry to a powder consistency once applied to the skin. I suggest applying these shadows with a clean finger, then blending them out with a brush if needed.

Have you tried ColourPop eyeshadows before? Which shade is your favourite and why?

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