Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light palette 

I’m now the proud owner of one of the most anticipated holiday palettes from 2016. I missed out on last year’s Hourglass holiday palette, so this year I made sure to pick it up the first day it was released in Australia (Mecca stores + online).


I like that they’ve gone with something different instead of their typical metal-finish packaging. While I don’t own any other Hourglass products, I have other products with similar packaging, and fingerprints are unavoidable on those!

The outside packaging is just as unique as the inside, with no two palettes being identical (thanks to the marble design both inside and outside!)

The outside of the palette is made of plastic, but from far away could easily be mistaken as real marble. Each marble pattern is unique, and I love that Hourglass has added that extra little detail into this year’s holiday palette. Unfortunately the plastic does make the palette feel a little ‘cheap’, but I promise what’s inside is far from it!

The swirled items (two blushes and the bronzer) all have their own unique swirled design. While some people love this (it’s another level of limited edition), others don’t like this because of the inconsistency between palettes – someone might get lots of dark pigment in their bronzer, while someone else might get more of the finishing powder swirled in. I’m happy to report it looks like I got a pretty good balance across all the pans.


Surreal Light

This is a beautiful finishing powder that provides a natural, radiant ‘lit-from-within- finish. If you’re super oily, you might not like this as much, but as someone with dry skin, I love using this over my NARS Sheer Glow foundation. The pan size for it is very generous too!


Surreal Bronze Light

The bronzer is perfect for my fair complexion, although I can’t see this showing up well on anyone who has tan to deep skintones, so swatch it in store first. This shade adds just the right amount of warmth and dimension to the face.


Surreal Glow

This is a soft cool-toned pale mauve/pink blush (reminds me a little of Too Faced’s Baby Love, but less pigmented) and I think it would be great in a “no makeup, makeup” look. Again, this isn’t going to show up on darker skin tones.


Surreal Effect

A mix of pink and coral give this blush shade summery vibe. This is a gorgeous warm-toned blush, and has a stronger pay-off than the other blush. I like using this on the apples of my cheeks overtop of the other blush.


Surreal Strobe Light

This shade reminds me of Champagne Pop mixed with Prosecco Pop from Jaclyn Hill’s collab with Becca, and is a warm-toned highlighter. It’s a natural summery highlight and would show up on most skin tones. It looks darker in the pan, but comes out lighter when swatched on the skin.


As you can see from all of the swatches, Hourglass isn’t about pigmentation as much as it is about formulation (that’s a little tricky to show in swatches!)

I highly recommend this palette for those with fair, light or light-medium skin tone, and those who haven’t tried Hourglass powders (although the palette is pricey, it’s still better than purchasing full-size individual products!)

Will you be picking this up? And what’s your favourite Hourglass product? Please let me know in the comments!

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