Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed: Rose Quartz 

Happy Hump Day! On Wednesdays we wear pink, more specifically, Becca’s new limited edition Rose Quartz highlighter. I fell in love with this product the second I saw it hit Sephora US stores, and was quick to contact both Sephora Australia and Becca to find out if and when us Aussies would be able to get our hands on it. Becca Cosmetics were able to confirm Australia would get this item later in October, and I was ecstatic when it finally launched earlier this week.

I almost missed out on grabbing one (there seemed to be an issue with the add to bag feature), but luckily with a bit of persistence (refreshing frantically), I was able to check out and even use my 10% off reward!

The outer box is a holographic baby-pink colour, and adds to the luxurious ‘limited edition’ feel. If I had more space, I definitely would have kept the outer packaging!

Just like the Jaclyn Hill x Becca split pans, the Rose Quartz highlight has faux-metal base that encases the product, with the classic Becca stainless steel top, but instead of gold, it’s a soft pink!

It’s the perfect match for my two split pans, and I hope they continue with this style of design for other limited edition products!

You’ll notice unlike Becca’s other highlighters, this one has a shard pattern pressed into the top. I did find because of this, the kick up was more noticeable, but still manageable. After all, you can’t get powder so fine and soft without a bit of kick up.

This is a neutral-toned highlighter, and has been created to suit all skin tones. For fair to light skintones, you’ll be able to see a hint of pink when light hits it from certain angles, but it’s still very wearable. I like to gently sweep this across my cheeks, and I feel it gives me a healthy, natural glow. If you use this sparingly, it’s hard to tell it’s even pink.


I’ve compared this highlighter to a few other pink ones that I own, so you can see the difference. Below Becca’s Rose Quartz, we have theBalm’s Cindy Lou Manizer, which is a warm-toned pink highlight. This one is almost too dark for my fair skin, and I prefer to use it over my blush, rather than as a highlighter. Below it sits Sleek Makeup’s Tanzanite from the Midas Touch palette (LE), which is a cool-toned pale pink highlight with a white base. The last one is ColourPop’s Teasecake, which is similar to theBalm’s Cindy Lou, but is a little bit lighter and has champagne/light-gold shimmers throughout.


I’ve also swatched it against my other two highlights from Becca. The second swatch is Champagne Pop, and the last one is Prosecco Pop. Again, it’s totally different not just in colour, but also in tone, making it almost more wearable than other ‘traditional’ shades.


For a softer highlight, I like to use my Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan brush, as it doesn’t pick up as much of the product, and distributes it lightly. For an intense highlight, I use the side of my Real Techniques Setting Brush to build up high-shine. If you are worried about the highlighter looking too ‘pink’, stick to a fan brush.

I absolutely love everything about this highlighter, and I hope they eventually make this permanent, because it is so unique and yet is suitable for most complexions! If you are thinking of picking this up, I highly recommend you do so before it’s sold out.


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