Mecca Beauty Loop: Spring 2016

I took a longer lunch break just so I could race to my nearest Mecca store and get my hands on my first Beauty Loop box (the makeup blogging game is tough). These boxes come out every quarter for those beauty junkies who spend $300+ (Level 1), $600+ (Level 2), and $1200+ (Level 3) each year with Mecca. Beauty Loop boxes come out every quarter, and can be collected in-store or online. You can learn more about the reward program here.

I’m currently sitting at Level 1 – the Beauty Discoverer as Mecca likes to call it. We’re basically makeup novices, but when it takes $300 AUD just to get to this first level, I’d say we already know our stuff pretty darn well!

NARS Liquid Laguna Bronzer

This is the first liquid bronzer I’ve tried, and I was surprised at how runny it was. It’s consistency does make it easy to blend, so I do have high hopes of this working. However, I’m worried this will be a little too dark against my fair skin, but I could add a tiny drop of foundation to lighten it up a little. The other option is adding a little bit of this to foundation, for a healthy sun-kissed, all-over glow. I was able to put this sachet into a tiny Sephora sample pot, as there’s no way I could use up the sachet in one go! If anyone has any tips for using this, please let me know!


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Some people love this eyeshadow primer, others aren’t fans of it. Too Faced claims this primer prevents creasing for up to 24 hours. I received a deluxe size sample, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same size as ones included in holiday/bundle kits. It comes out of the tube as a fair skin coloured shade, but once blended is colour-less. I’ll have to see how this holds up compared to my other eye primers, but so far I like it. Bonus points for bougie packaging!

Perricone MD Pre:empt Series: Oil-free hydrating cream, Skin perfecting serum & brightening eye cream

I wish these samples were a little smaller, as there’s too much in one sachet to use (and I feel bad wasting product, even if it is a sample). I’ve already tried the hydrating cream, and I found it takes a while to soak into the skin, and reminds me a little bit of sunscreen. My skin looked brighter the next morning, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing full sizes of these products.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

I like the way this is set out like a little sample lipstick palette, however I think I would have preferred one deluxe size size lipstick, rather than eight single use capsules (more for convenience than anything). That being said, the capsules are a great way to try a range of colours and finishes (I believe there’s six finishes in total from this range, with four finishes included in the sample pack: Metallized, Mega Matte, Comfort Matte and Cream). It’s best to apply these with a lip brush.


What do you think of the Beauty Loop samples? Have you tried any of these products before?

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