Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe (LE) 

I was so excited to when I was finally able to get my hands on this gorgeous limited edition palette that features all six of Too Faced’s Love Flush Blushes. The thought of sampling all of the blushes from the one collection was too much to resist! Here are my thoughts on Love Flush Wardrobe.

As usual, let’s have a chat about packaging. It’s usually the first thing that sucks me in after the actual product. Too Faced is known for their heart shaped packaging, and I love the way they’ve included individual heart pans (very similar to their Bon Bons palette – I’ll have a review on that soon too!)

The only flaw in the packaging is the size…it’s not travel friendly. Lining up six blush pans side by side does make it a rather long palette. I do think having three on top and three underneath would have been a much better use of space…then again, do you really need six blushes when travelling? Let’s jump into the colours!

Love Hangover is definitely my favourite – it’s a satin finish (not shimmer, but not matte either) and is the most wearable in my opinion. I do think this shade of warm pink is a colour that suits most skin tones too.

Too faced_love hangover

Baby Love is a unique shade for a blush, almost neutral in appearance, and I think I’d try wearing it in the cooler months for a nice fall look. To be honest, I’d even use it as a transition shade in my eyelid’s crease.

Too faced_baby love

I Will Always Love You is a shimmery peach shade and is definitely a summer-time blush. If you are wanting to bring that glow home, swipe this on your cheeks…you may not even need a highlighter. I feel like this one would make for a good topper on other blushes.

Too faced_I will always love you

How Deep Is Your Love? is a medium pink-coral  blush that would look great on medium and darker skin tones. I’m on the pale side, so I only need the tiniest amount for this to show up strong. Invest in a good soft fluffy brush to apply this.

Too faced_how deep is your love

Justify My Love actually isn’t as scary as it looks in the pan! It’s a mauve-pink blush, but it definitely comes across as more pink than mauve on the cheeks. I think you could mix this with almost any of the shades in the palette.

Too faced_justify my love

Your Love Is King still scares me a little, and I do worry about looking more bruised than blushed with this shade. It still has pink in it, but it’s a lot darker than any blush I’ve purchased before. If you’ve got a deep skin tone, you’ll pull this shade off beautifully!

Too faced_your love is king

Most of the shades are a step (or two!) outside my comfort zone when it comes to a healthy flush of colour, but they can be mixed to create custom shades. For example, mixing the two middle shades (I Will Always Love You and How Deep Is Your Love?) will give you something that resembles the iconic Nars blush ‘Orgasm’.

Too Faced blushes all_sides

Pigmentation is intense with these blushes, and I’m still mastering the art of a gentle hand. I barely touch the pan when I use one of the blushes…it’s easy to overdo it, so use the colours sparingly. The plus side of high pigmentation is long-lasting products, so I’m sure I won’t be hurrying out to purchase these blushes any time soon.

What’s your favourite blush from Too Faced and why? Please let me know in the comments below!

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