Sleek highlighting palette: Solstice

This is the highlighting palette that sent the beauty community into a frenzy after YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill and NikkieTutorials snapchatted and vlogged about it. It has the quality of high-end highlighters, with a drug-store price tag. Everyone and their mother has raved about this product, and now I want to share with you my first impression of Solstice.

The packaging is the very definition of sleek – it’s elegant and luxe-looking, and it reminds me of Becca packaging a little.The mirrored gold material does mean this little palette gets covered in fingerprints quickly, but that’s just an observation, not a complaint. It has a magnetic closure, which is my favourite for palettes…there’s something about them snapping shut that I love! The only real downside to this palette is the brush. It’s bristles aren’t very soft and the quality isn’t fantastic. I wish they’d made the palette smaller or filled the space with larger pans.

From top left to bottom right we have: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar and Equinox.

Ecliptic is a cream formula, so I’ll be interested to see whether this lasts longer on my skin, as opposed to powder highlighters. I can also see this being a perfect ‘all-over’ lid and crease shade, for those days when I want to wear eyeshadow, but am too lazy to put in much effort. It actually has a similar consistency to the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows. This has a pearl-shimmer finish, with a hint of fine glitter. Wear this when you want a summer glow.

Hemisphere is one of the two baked powders, and is a lot more glitter-shimmery than Ecliptic (which was more pearl-shimmer).This one has a hint of lavendar colour, but it’s overly strong. I think this one could possibly work as a blush topper too.

Subsolar is the only silky shimmer powder, and it feels more finely-milled than the baked powders. It’s finish is closer to Ecliptic’s cream formula…I’d say it’s a hybrid mix between the cream and baked powders. It’s colour on the skin is white gold, and I think this would work perfect as a brow bone highlight.

Equinox is the second baked powder in this palette, although I felt this one didn’t have as much glitter as Hemisphere (again, not a complaint, just an observation). I would use this on top of Ecliptic for a gorgeous warm glow. I feel like this one is warmer and more shimmery than the cream highlight, but they do complement each perfectly, and would look great for warm-toned makeup looks.

Have you used this palette? Is it worth the hype? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Sleek highlighting palette: Solstice

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