Too Faced dupe – SugarBaby Sweet Cheeks Blush

Heart-shaped packaging? Check. Three different blush shades in one? Check? Pretty shimmer throughout? Check. The SugarBaby Sweet Cheeks Blushes tick all the boxes when compared to the Too Faced Sweethearts Blushes. Let’s dive in to take a closer look.


SugarBaby has two different different blushes, but I went with the pink one of the two called ‘Peach’ (other one looked like more of a highlighter/bronzer to me). It’s a pretty shimmery peachy-pink baked blush, and there’s a lot pigmentation to this (I’ve heard Too Faced’s aren’t super pigmented?).


It’s not an exact dupe, but out of all the Too Faced Sweethearts, it’s closest to ‘Candy Glow’, especially the left and middle shades. Like Too Faced, the SugarBaby blush shades can be used individually as blushes, or combined with a brush to create that beautiful shimmery peachy-pink colour. There is quite a bit of fall out, however the product’s deep packaging keeps it from making too much of a mess. Just be gentle when swirling the three shades around.

sugarbaby blush duo

Left: individual shades swatched. Right: swirled together

For the price, I’d go with SugarBaby over Too Faced any day of the week. I paid $15 (AUD) for the SugarBaby blush (but have seen them on sale for less than $8!), while Too Faced costs $44 (AUD) per blush. I just wish SugarBaby had more shades in their range.

toofacedblush_candy glow


Another alternative are the Blushing Hearts from Makeup Revolution, which are even cheaper at $10.57 (AUD). Just beware of the shipping costs if you live outside the UK 🙂

Are the Too Faced dupes worth the hype? Let me know in the comments below! I might try one out if there’s a particular shade you recommend!

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