Marie Claire The Parcel Winter Edit Unboxing

Saying hello to winter skin, lip and hair care thanks to Marie Claire! This parcel is the 2016 Winter Edit, where I received nine products to try, as well as a bonus sachet sample. Here are my initial thoughts on each item…


John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer

This product is a primer for the hair, meant to be used on damp hair prior to styling. It promises to fight frizz and make hair smoother with continued use. It has a very light pleasant smell to it. Since I don’t often style or blowdry my hair, I’m not sure how useful this is for me.


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lipbalm (Zinnia)

I love the original Burt’s Bees lipbalm, so I was excited to get to try their new tinted lipbalm. It offers a subtle hint of colour, just enough to brighten the lips by shade or two. I find the Maybelline Baby Lips offer more pigmentation, but the Burt’s Bees formula is definitely softer, and is also 100% natural. It’s more expensive than most lipbalms in the drug store, and will cost you $12.95 RRP.


Rituals Cosmetics Fortune Oil

This is probably the most expensive body wash I’ve ever sampled, with 200mL costing $18. I really don’t buy the whole ‘indulgent experience’ and ‘luxe bathing essential’…at the end of the day it’s still just body wash. That being said, it smells divine, so I’ll enjoy my little 20mL sample for a few washes.


Garnier Wake Up Cream

I loved the feeling of this cream on my skin – a perfect pick-me-up for your skin in the morning. I only needed a pea-sized amount for my face, and I found once smoothed the cream on and let it soak in, my skin felt noticeably softer. It’s hard to explain, but I do feel like it has an immediate lifting effect, just like it claims. I’ll have to see how it goes overtime, but so far I’m impressed and surprised.


Klorane Shampoo with Quinine & B Vitamins

This shampoo is described as a cleanser designed for weakened hair to strengthen the keratin, restore thickness, and maintain healthy hair growth. I’ll give the 25mL sample and see how it goes.


Colgate Optic White High Impact White

To me toothpaste is toothpaste, so I’m not sure what to say about this item. It’s a whitening one, so I’ll see if I notice a visibly brighter smile. It’s a nice little travel size, so I’ll take it with me on my mini holiday.


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

Another anti-aging product, but I’m happy to use it if it’ll help keep my skin healthy. Although I’m not quite sure if it’s meant for the face or the body (for now, let’s go for the back of the hand, just to be safe!). This item is really pricey (almost $70 for 50mL), so I wouldn’t repurchase, despite it soaking in and making my skin feel super soft.


MOR Rosa Noir Hand & Body Milk

This is a lightweight lotion that contains macadamia oil, wild rose, hibiscus and fig. I’m actually not going to even sample this one…my Mum loves hand creams so I’m giving this to her to use. This is probably the third MOR cream I’ve given her…it’s such a luxe hand cream brand, I don’t want to waste it on myself.


Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water

I’ve only used the Garnier Micellar Water, and that does a great job at removing all the makeup my wipes can’t remove. I do find if I rub too hard my skin goes a little red, so I’m looking forward to trying this ‘sensitive caring’ version from Nivea. I tested a little bit on my skin, and I think it could be a gentler alternative…will just have to see if it works as well as Garnier’s with makeup removal.


*Bonus* Garnier BB Cream in Light (sachet sample)

Finally a sachet sample that might actually be my colour! The amount of times I get medium/tan shades is crazy…lucky they’re usually just little samples. I’ll probably take this one my next short trip and use with my foundation.


I can’t help but wish there were at least a few makeup items to try, although I understand since it’s winter, they included products to hydrate/protect throughout the cold months. Hopefully come spring we’ll get a bright blush or lipstick, hint hint Marie!


What did you think of the Winter Edit of The Parcel? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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