theBalm Manizer Sisters

They’re guilty of being gorgeous – meet Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou, and Betty-Lou. I’ve been wanting to try these ladies out for a while, particularly with the hype that surrounds Mary-Lou. When I discovered these came in a palette, I thought it was a great way to try all three!

Let’s talk about the packaging for a minute. They’ve used the same artwork that you’ll find on all the manizers that are sold separately. Cute pin-up girls are theBalm’s signature style for a lot of their packaging. Each sister has a coy, playful look about her – I really like the design – totally judging this book by it’s cover.


Mary-Lou (the luminizer)

The original (and oldest) sister of the three, Mary-Lou will take your highlighter game to the next level. I’ve used lots of different highlighters, and this one is hands down the best in my opinion! I use this on all my highlight areas – cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow and brow bone…but I think she’d brighten up my eyes inner corners too!


Cindy-Lou (the con-tour artist)

I’m still working out Cindy – she looks like a blush in the pan, but on my skin she isn’t that typical pink you’d expect at first glance. Use a light hand and sweep over the cheeks, or go a little heavier and use this under the cheekbones if you’ve got pale skin (she’s called the con-tour artist for a reason, right?). I think she would look great all over on the eyelids too. Thoughts?


Betty-Lou (the bronzing bandit)

If you’ve got fair skin, use a light hand when dipping your brush into Betty. She looks best in small amounts, and you can build her up if you’re after a strong faux-glow. Like Mary and Cindy, I think she’d look great on the eyelid, but as a crease shade in the outer corner.


All of them are very soft and blend into the skin beautifully. Light hands for these ladies though – all they need is a light swirl with a brush. If you want to glow all over, this is the palette for you.


Have you tried this palette, or any of the Manizer Sisters? Let me know which is your favourite in the comments, and what product from theBalm I should try next!


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