Maybelline Baby Lips Review + Swatches

It’s suddenly gotten very cold in Australia as we move into the first week of winter. Around this time of year I only start to get into a good hydrating routine after the cold Aussie winds have given me dry skin and chapped lips.


Prevention is better than cure though, so I’ve picked up a few coloured balms by Maybelline. From top to bottom: Berry Crush, Rose Addict, Pink Lolita, Lychee Addict.


Berry Crush is a deep pink, and the strongest shade out of the balms I bought. I think this makes for a great base with any mid to dark pink/red lipsticks.


Rose Addict is a peachy-pink against the skin, and when it catches the light you can really see that peach shine through. Even though it’s packaging is the second darkest, it’s actually lighter than Pink Lolita.


Pink Lolita is a pretty mid-pink, although it can be built up to be almost as strong as Berry Crush. I’d say this one is my favourite for everyday wear, when I’ve got nothing else on my lips.


I selected Lychee Addict more for the name (I love lychees). This one is completely sheer, but gives a nice little bit of shine. I think you could use this both as a base and as a top coat.


Baby Lips are great for that little extra pop of colour, while giving your lips the moisture they need. I think these work great as a base product prior to applying lipstick (especially mattes), or work great for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look. They are buildable too!


Let me know in the comments below what your favourite coloured lipbalm is! You can never have too many during the colder months.



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