Brand first impression & swatches: Physicians Formula

Pretty packaging, romantic shades and beautifully blendable, Physicians Formula ticks all the boxes, and I can’t wait to try more of their products in the future. For now, here is my very first impression of the brand!


I’d been waiting a while to get my hands on some of Physicians Formula’s range, and with Priceline’s ‘Spend $60, get a goodie bag of free cosmetics’, I decided to take the plunge a purchase a few products. I ended up save $7 per item as well during the sale!


I picked up two of their ‘Happy Booster’ blushes in the shades 7324 Natural and 7322 Rose, as well as a ‘Happy Booster’ bronzer in the shade 7320 Light Bronzer. The fourth item pictured is the ‘Nude Wear Touch of Glow Palette’ in the shade Light 6398, and this was one of the items in the free goodie bag ($30 RRP – so that’s really awesome I got it for free!)


Let’s take a closer took at the packaging. The blushes and bronzer have a little compartment underneath the product, which contain a bright little brush (personally wouldn’t use this, but nice idea for travel). On the underside of the blush/bronzer, there’s a mirror, again really handy for travel/on-the-go.


This the more day-to-day, wearable blush of the two I picked up…as the name (Natural) suggests. It consists of mainly soft pink shades which range from almost nude to mid-pinks, and one small heart of deep pink. This one you might need to build up if you’re wanting rosy cheeks.

PF_Natural Blush

This blush, on the other hand, is a lot more pigmented, so a little really does go a long way. The shades range from mid-pink to deep pink, and blend together to create a beautiful flushed look. Just remember to use a light hand, because less is more!

PF_Rose Blush

Finally a bronzer that is perfect for my pale skin! This bronzer has a mix of light brown shades, with a couple of smaller hearts with mid-dark brown shades. There’s a pink heart in the middle, but I avoid sweeping my brush along that part when I contour with this. I feel like it’s more for decoration than for bronzing, unless you want to add it to the cheeks with a small brush.

PF_Light Bronzer

This item might be missing hearts, but it makes up for it with it’s cute rose gold packaging. This is an all in one illuminating palette and has a highlighter, blush, powder and bronzer in each square. This is one product I wouldn’t go mixing, as each colour has a specific purpose. I’ve been using the top left block for highlighting, and it’s given me a natural soft glow, although I could build it up for something stronger if needed.

PF_Nude Wear Palette

Even after swatching these products and swirling brushes around all the shades, the heart and square layouts have stayed put, so don’t be afraid of mixing your brush around in these. They’re designed to stay pretty for longer, and I’ll be keeping these front and centre of my makeup collection.


After swatching/swirling

What do you think of Physicians Formula’s products? Does packaging play a role when selecting make up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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