DIY Rainbow Highlighter

It’s the latest trend that took the beauty world by storm and saw ladies everywhere hunting for the magical rainbow highlighter, created by The brand quickly rose to fame after multiple websites and big-name YouTubers reviewed and swatched the product ‘Prism’.


For the small indie brand, they haven’t been able to restock fast enough (and understandably so) for their new, massive following. People have sought out dupes, while others have attempted to create the elusive highlighter. Today, I’m doing the latter (in the hopes I may one day purchase the original – but DIY will have to do for now).

What you’ll need:
– colourful eyeshadows (the lighter the shades, the better)
– highlighter (powder form)
– rubbing alcohol
– mixing bowls
– old compact
– paper towels
– knife/toothpick/something to dig out makeup
– something to mix with (toothpick, small spoon etc.)

How to create a rainbow highlighter:
1. Clean out your old compact to make sure there’s no remaining makeup left.


2. Scrape out your eyeshadows into individual mixing bowls. I chose softer shades and selected pink, yellow, green, blue and purple.


3. Crush these up finely and mix in some highlighting powder. Mix thoroughly.


4. Add in a few drops of rubbing alcohol and mix into a paste. You want it to be a solid, not runny, so don’t overdo it with the rubbing alcohol.


5. Transfer each mixture into the clean compact in the order of the rainbow. Make sure there’s enough space to fill the whole area. The DIY got pretty messy so I didn’t photograph this part…here’s a poorly drawn example instead.


6. Once you’re happy with how they look, grab a paper towel and press it down over the compact. This will remove excess moisture. Repeat until the product is dry to touch.


7. Leave uncovered to fully dry for 24 hours. Clean up mess you’ve made (this isn’t a tidy DIY).


8. Once completely dry and set, you can smear a shimmery rainbow all over your cheeks!


On my hand it swatched really pretty, but on the face it looks like a nice bruise is forming between the green/blue/purple. I had to use a very light hand and blend, blend, blend to achieve something more subtle on my cheek.


Can you see it?

My DIY doesn’t even come close to how amazing the original rainbow highlighter is, and I’m hoping one day I’ll get to use the real thing! Will you be testing out this trend or trying to recreate this unique DIY?

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