Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadows (First impression + swatches)

So I missed these in the Priceline 40% cosmetics sale (you know, because it’s a war zone buying makeup in that sale, and I had other items on my list). However, I saw Priceline was having 30% off Maybelline products the day after the crazy sale, and so I took it as a sign to pop back in store and pick up a couple of the Color Tattoo 24 hr eyeshadows (lucky for me, and not-so-lucky for my bank account, they had the ones I was after)!


Too Cool (05)

This is a beautiful shimmery white, with little flecks of fine glitter throughout. I can see myself using this colour in my inner corner to brighten up my eye, and possibly underneath my waterline if I’m going all-out with my makeup. It would also make for a really nice base for powder eyeshadows.


Inked in Pink (55)

This is one of the Metal edition shadows in the Color Tattoo range, and it’s a rose-gold pigment with plenty of shimmer. This would make for a great base shade across the eyelid, or even get away with just this (and blend it out softly above the crease). This is on the more neutral end of the Color Tattoo range, but it’s still got a little more glamour than your typical soft shades. I wore this one to a party and it looked as good at the end of the night as it did when first applied!


Tenacious Teal (40)

Jumping to the other end of the Color Tattoo spectrum, this shade is far from neutral. I can see this being teamed up with the powder eyeshadow ‘Lapis’ in my Stila palette, honestly these two colours are sisters (shimmer…check, incredible pigmentation…check, stunning colour…check!) For now, I’m thinking this would look really nice above winged eyeliner, or along my waterline for something a little different. Sure, not the most practical colour to choose, especially I’m pretty basic when it comes to eye looks, but I can learn (for now, I’m just gonna stare at it some more).


These pretty shadows are made of a cream gel formula, and glide on the skin without creasing. They’re highly pigmented and blendable, meaning you can use them on their own (lazy girls rejoice!)


Do you prefer these to powders or liquid gel shadows? Let me know why in the comments below 🙂

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