Pandora Wishful Heart Bangle (LE)

Pandora Australia currently has a Gift With Purchase (GWP) promotion running from April 21 – May 4, where you can receive a free bangle when you spend $150 in one transaction. They’ve done this for the last few years just before Mother’s Day. The only other free bangle promo they have here is just before Christmas, so I decided I would take advantage of the GWP now.


I ended up buying a charm for my best friend’s birthday, which is in October (ages away), and my husband bought me my birthday gift (my birthday is still a few months away)! These purchases got me over the transaction, so I received the Limited Edition Wishful Heart Bangle.

Instead of the normal Pandora bag (white bag with pink ribbon), they’ve got special packaging. The design is like a handbag, with little gold flowers printed across it, and is held shut with beige-gold ribbon.


As a nice touch, they wrapped my charm purchases with gold floral gift wrap and silky ribbon, as they’re gifts. The free bangle comes in a black draw-string bag, although I do wish it came in something a little sturdier (such as a giftbox).


It comes in three sizes: 17cm (small), 19cm (medium) and 21cm (large). By the third day of the promotion, my store was sold out of the 17cm, but thankfully they still had the other two sizes left when I went there yesterday!

The lady serving me said the bangle could be filled all the way up, although advised it may become too tight, and said they recommend 6-10 charms, depending on each charm’s size and personal preference (I’d prefer keep the majority of charms on the stronger snake chain bracelet).


The bangle itself is hollow, so it’s lighter than Pandora’s traditional snake chain bracelets. I believe it feels very similar to other Pandora bangles, such as the plain silver bangle, or the Essence one.

The heart clasp is very elegant, and is beautiful enough on it’s own. There’s a heart-shaped cubic zirconia in the centre of the clasp, with smaller cubic zirconias outlining the edge of the clasp. On the other side of the clasp, PANDORA is spelled out in a circle.

pandora clasp up close.png

In the middle of the bracelet, the words ‘Family Forever’ are engraved into outside of the bangle. Keep in mind if you do decide to add a few charms to the bangle, this detail may be covered up, unless you’ve got some carefully placed clips handy.


Although the bangle can be worn as a stand alone piece, I like the idea of pairing it with my heart-shaped clasp bracelet, as I feel the heart theme and silver works nicely!


I’ve come up with two ways of styling the bangle with some of the charms I own. The first one is putting my relationship charms onto the bangle. These represent my life with my husband Neal. From left to right: First Dance, My Beautiful Wife, Wedding Rings Pillow, and my non-Pandora pendant, which was originally on a necklace chain, and was the first piece of jewelry I received from Neal on my 16th birthday!


For a more simple design, the second style I’ve thought of is to add my Dainty Bow Safety Chain to the bracelet, as the stones in the bows match the ones in the heart clasp. I think I’ll end up going with the first option though, as I feel it has more meaning to me personally.


Other charms that would match the clasp and look great on the bangle as stand-alone pieces include the Always In My Heart charm (LE), Gift From the Heart Ringbox charm, Filled With Romance Openwork Heart charm, or the Bound by Love Heart charm (LE).

pandora ideas.png

Let me know in the comment section below what you think of the bangle, and what charms you would style it with!

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