Australias Velourlips Review & Swatches

I’ve been a fan of Australis for a while now. From their primer to their finishing mist, I’ve tried a little bit of everything when it comes to their makeup. The cruelty-free, Aussie brand with affordable, quality products jumped on the matte lipstick bangwagon a while ago, and has come out with lots of beautiful shades, from pale nude to pitch black.


(Top- bottom): Ro-ma, Mal-i-boo, Bar-tha-lona & Shang-hi

I picked up a couple of these liquid lippies to try when Priceline had their famous two day 40% off cosmetics sale. It’s a bit of a war zone during the sale, with makeup everywhere, shelves cleared of stock, and lots of pushing to get through each aisle! I was fortunate enough to grab four shades, two from two different stores (products go like hot cakes!)


I’ve received compliments when I’ve worn these out, as they’re pretty striking and different to the usual glossy/shimmery lipstick look. I went for a mix of pinks and reds in lighter and dark shades, but nothing too daring.


Because Velourlips are matte, you may find they dry out your lips a little from frequent use, so I suggest using a lip balm to prime and nourish your lips before application. I found I needed two coats for complete colour-coverage, but it’s better to do a couple of smaller coats, rather than thick ones, as I feel applying this too thickly can cause the lipstick to clump.

I also felt like I could get away with overdrawing my lips slightly with this product too, because of its intense colour. For the darker colours in the range though, a matching lip liner might be a good investment in case of feathering (and might mean you don’t have to apply as much on).


(L-R) Ro-ma, Mal-i-boo, Bar-tha-lona and Shang-hi


After a few hours, I did find the product started to clump in little bits (I think I’d applied it a bit thickly), so I suggest removing the excess product, and reapply to the whole lip (as opposed to layering new coats over the old ones). The product does hold pretty well to the lip, but after a meal, I did find I had to reapply to the inner part of my lips. To remove, all you need is a makeup wipe and it comes off pretty easy. I didn’t find I had to scrub like I would for a lip stain.

What’s your favourite brand of matte liquid lipstick? Let me know what I should try next in the comments below!

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