Sephora ‘Wishes Come True’ palette

As I mentioned with perfumes, it’s not enough for a product to be awesome, it also needs to have the looks, and this little Sephora palette does just that. The packaging is this pretty, almost dusty pink shade, with black text and holographic detailing in the stars.


The palette slides out from both ends, revealing six eyeshadows, two highlights and one blush. It’s quite a bit of product considering the size of the palette, and I feel like there’s enough to create a couple of really nice day and night time looks.


The packaging feels like a strong cardboard material, making it light-weight, but also durable for travel. This is perfect to carry in a handbag on a daily basis, but it could also hold up to longer travel, without messing up what’s in the palette.


The top three shades are matte. The first shade is a dark grey-blue (Take a selfie), the second is a neutral soft brown (Cafe latte – I think I could almost get away with using it as a contour), and the third is deep cream colour (Creamy cashmere). These three colours aren’t super pigmented, so they need to be built up to match their colour in the palette.


The bottom three shades are shimmers/glitters. The first shade is a deep royal purple (Friday night), the second is a stunning gold shade with lots of sparkle (Scented candle), and the third is a shimmery white (Pretty pearls). They are a lot more pigmented, especially Scented Candle!


The two highlighters are just gorgeous – I’ve worn the lighter shade ‘Nighttime glow’, and it’s the perfect shade for my skintone. I think the darker highlight (Midnight magnificence) would give a little bit of warmth to my complexion, or possibly act as a nice eyeshadow above the crease of my eyelids.


The pink blush is nice and soft, and not overly pigmented, so you can build it up (as opposed to being too heavy handed!) I think the shade of blush is more suited to a daytime look – something fairly natural and soft.


All up, I’m really happy with my first Sephora purchase, and look forward to seeing what looks I can create with this pretty palette. It will probably be the palette I take for travel, as it’s packaging is sturdy, and there’s enough variety for a couple of makeup looks (the only other essentials would be foundation, mascara and lippie!)


Just a quick disclaimer though; I won’t be purchasing anything from Sephora online again, not because of Sephora, but because of the company they use to ship their products. I’d love to try more of Sephora’s Collection at some point, I’ll just have to find another way to get my hands on their brand!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried Sephora’s brand, and what you think of the price/quality!


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