Bellabox Unboxing (March 2016)

Hey everyone! This is my final bellabox unboxing for the foreseeable future. Basically I realised I wasn’t getting excited for my little blue box to arrive each month, and I’d rather save that $17.95 a month for other things. It’s been awesome getting to try new beauty items from Bellabox…it’s just not the beauty box for me anymore!


Monoderma Skin Vitamins – Lightening Age Prevention

I noticed straight away on the foil seal that it says ‘free sample’, so it feels like I’m being ripped off. If this is something I’d get as a freebie in a magazine or at the chemist, I don’t think it’s fair to include it as one of the main products…maybe as the ‘bonus item’. I’m not a big fan of the plastic-looking casing either. I understand it’s so you get ‘the perfect amount’ per use, but you could just as easily describe how much to use on the back of a tube/bottle…just like most other brands.


Neon & Co. Treatment Oil 

This is the second hair treatment I’ve received in a row (first oil one through), but luckily it’s something I need. The oil smells ah-mazing, very sweet and almost like a perfume. The sample came sealed which is a nice bonus. I’ll give this one a try and see how it goes compared to other hair treatments I’ve used.


Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm

Benefit get extra points for their super-cute packaging, and I’ve heard lots about the product, so I hope I’m just as impressed. I was hoping for something bigger than the 3mL we were given, but since Benefit is a well-known, and is more expensive than other brands, I understand the sizing. I’ll be interested to see how it works with my makeup, and if I notice a difference with my pores.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel

Not even going to try pronounce that outloud! I’ve noticed Bellabox has been including more products suited and designed for sensitive skin. The product doesn’t hold much appeal for me, but I’ll add it to my draw of ‘to-use’ sample products. I’m pretty sure we got a similar product like this a few boxes back?


Monomola Eyebrow Tattoo

I’m not sure how I feel about this product just yet. It could be really awesome, but I feel there’s a lot of room to mess up with the application (very dark brows anyone?) Bellabox says to visit their website for exact directions before using the product, so I think I’ll save this one for when I’m feeling extra brave…7 days is a long time.


Harvest Box Health Bombs

I’ll be taking this with me to work tomorrow to try. They look tasty, and the serving size is perfect. It’s not a beauty product, but I’m happy for something new (plus, it’s food)!


What did you think of this month’s (and my last) box? Let me know in the comments below!


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