Marie Claire The Parcel Autumn Edit Unboxing

It’s a pretty miserable day outside (but perfect blogging weather), so I thought now would be a good chance to share with you what I received in this quarter’s Marie Claire The Parcel box! It’s only my second box that I’ve received, but already it’s confirmed this is hands-down the best sub box I’ve seen/heard of in Australia. Continue reading to find out what made this box so great.


Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum

For me, this is probably the only one I feel I don’t need at this stage in my life, however it’s good idea to start preventing anti-aging, rather than trying to fix it later down the track. It’s meant to smooth and plump the skin, with proven results in two weeks. Overtime, it contours the jawline and gives the skin a more visible lift. This retails for $140 for 30mL, and we received a 4mL sample.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I’ve been wanting to try this for months now, and have been holding off purchasing it, as I’ve seen a couple of different sub boxes with this product. Finally, I’ve been able to have a go, and I must say I’m pretty happy with the results. It feels nice on the skin, and removes makeup in the same way a makeup wipe would (you just need a cotton pad). It’s a product for every lazy girl…it removes all make-up (eyes, lips and skin) without scrubbing, and it soothes the skin. I would definitely reconsider purchasing this product.


MOR Emporium Classics Triple-Milled Soap (Blood Orange)

I’ve received a couple of MOR products as gifts before, and they are always presented beautifully. They make great gifts, but I can’t see myself buying them for my own use – luxury soaps/creams are nice, but aren’t essentials for me. I’m not sure if I’ll end up using this, or giving it to a friend/my mum as a little gift. It’s a really nice brand though, so glad it was in this box.


OPI Nail Lacquer (Down to the Core-al)

My favourite brand of polish featured in this quarter’s box, although the kind of colour is one I would never purchase myself. It’s an orange/deep-peach shade, with a touch of shimmer. However, upon trying a coat of the polish on, I found I actually quite liked the shade. It makes for a bright ‘pop’of colour, and my nails are the only place I’d wear a coral colour. Really glad I got something different to what I’d normally reach for.


CROP Natural Pure Macadamia Oil

This is another all-in-one product that has no parabens, not phthalates, no sulphates, and hasn’t been tested on animals (yay!). The product comes in the form of a pump bottle, and a little bit of the natural oil goes a long way. It can be used as a facial cleanser, anti-ageing treatment (face and body), of as high density hydration treatment for hair and nails (the last one is probably what I’ll use this for). I recently purchased rose hip oil, so I’ll be interested to see the results of these natural oils.


Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipstick (Singular Red)

We’re moving into the luxury range of lippies, with this product costing $40. I received this is in a bright red shade called ‘Singular Red’, and like the OPI polish, isn’t a shade I would normally wear. This lipstick glides on like a dream and is super creamy, and the actual colour is very pigmented. I think this is a perfect date-night-out colour.


The box is a good mix of skincare and makeup products, and all the brands included are between mid-range to luxury (in my opinion). What was your favourite product in this box?


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