Vera Wang Hippie Princess Review

I um’d and ah’d about purchasing this perfume – particularly as I’d just bought one my Taylor Swift not long ago. But the allure of $20 off the RRP proved too much of a good deal to pass up. Thus, I welcome into my collection, Hippie Princess by Vera Wang – the 2015 Limited Edition scent of the Princess line.


When you think of hippie, you might think earthy, woody scents – but not this perfume. Think more along the lines of glam-bohemian, with a youthful twist…much like the packaging suggests.


The little doodles over the box are super cute, and are also reflected on the front of the bottle. I’m sure the perfume design was lots of fun to create, and I can see they’ve gone the extra mile with details.


I love the turquoise stones around the band and crown tap – it adds to the young, vibrant, boho theme that runs through the packaging, all the way to the scent itself.


Hippie Princess is like the younger version of Princess – a more girly version of the iconic signature scent. I wouldn’t say I like this one more – the original Princess will always be my favourite perfume of all time. I think Hippie Princess will be my go-to fun daytime fragrance!


There’s just something magical about Vera Wang’s scents – they’re all unique, but each are designed to make the wearer feel a little bit more like a modern-day princess.


Do you have a favourite Vera Wang scent? Let me know in the comments below!

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