Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Review

I’m pretty fussy when it comes to perfumes – they can’t just smell amazing, the bottles should look equally as incredible. I certainly do judge a perfume by it’s appearance, which is why my collection is 90% Vera Wang. Gorgeous, feminine scents and pretty perfume bottles that look as incredible as they smell.


However, I was drawn to Taylor Swift’s perfumes when I saw how stunning Wonderstruck, and it’s flanker, Enchanted Wonderstruck looked. They look like they’ve come straight out of a fairytale. Their prices were pretty magical too – each on sale for $20 AUD (full retail price: $79). I smelt both, and decided on Enchanted, as it smelt a little sweeter to me.


The way the bottle is packaged is adorable, and would make a fantastic gift for a princess your life. I love the gold detailing in the swirls and cursive script. On top of the box is a gold seal with the number 13 on it (Taylor’s favourite number).


There’s also a photo of her on the back in a beautiful crimson red dress, with the backdrop of a forest – very appropriate for an ‘enchanting’ scent!


The bottle itself is very elegant, and I feel this is something Snow White would definitely have on her dresser. The bottle has this shimmery layer over the dark red, so it changes colour when light hits it.


The gold detailing on the box is a reflection of the bottle cap (and the fancy swirls around it), as well as the chain that holds four little charms – a bird, a teardrop-shaped bead, a leaf, and a rose. Yep – this is definitely Snow White’s perfume.


The top notes are more fruity, making it sweeter than its predecessor. The middle notes are a combination of floral scents, and the softer base notes  being woody, musk and vanilla.


The fragrance is very wearable, and I think it’s great for day or night time. When I smell it, I picture myself walking through a palace garden at twilight, it’s just so elegant and just the right combination of fruity and floral notes.


You may have noticed all these bottles are very much fairytale-themed, so I’m not sure I can say I was taking a leap selecting something other than Vera Wang, but it’s a start. I think it just makes me feel like a little bit of a princess

Let me know what your favourite perfume is, and if the ‘look’ of the bottle is something you care about when looking for new scents.


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