Bellabox Unboxing (January 2016)

This month’s package marks the 12th month I’ve been subscribed to Bellabox. A full year of surprise beauty products delivered to my door. Only a month ago I was thinking about whether I would stay subscribed to BB, and with the arrival of January’s box (even though it was late), I’m glad I did!


The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig

I was surprised to find out The Body Shop sells perfume – I would have expected some kind of hand cream or soap! This perfume isn’t a scent I would typically buy for myself (think Vera Wang’s Princess Collection), but I do like it. It’s got earthy, woody notes and a hint of soft sweetness…I’m guessing that’s the fig. The 1.5mL sample is in spray form, which I prefer when receiving perfume samples.


Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream

This cream isn’t really something I need, but it sounds great for people who suffer from eczema. It’s meant to be good for those with very dry, sensitive skin, so I see myself using this in the cooler months when my skin tends to dry out. It doesn’t have a strong smell, and soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling silky-smooth.


Essie Nail Polish

This is the third Essie nail polish I’ve received from Bellabox, and thankfully each time it’s been a completely different colour. This one is by far my favourite – it’s called ‘Funny Face’ and is a hot Barbie pink shade, perfect for summer and very girly.


Cetaphil Suntivity SPF 30 Ultra-Light Fluid

This is possibly the fanciest looking sunscreen bottle I’ve come across (it’s got a thin end where the sunscreen comes out. I received a 30mL sample bottle, which will be perfect for travel and spontaneous beach trips. It’s four hours water resistant, and can be worn under makeup, so a great thing to keep close by.


Monomola Peel Off Lip Tint

Bellabox has given us another Asian beauty trend to try! In my August Bellabox I received a lip mask (have since purchased more on Ebay), and this time I’ve received a lip peel tint in the shade ‘Cherry Red’. Basically, you apply an even coat to your lips, wait a couple of minutes, then peel the product off to reveal some tinted smackers. I found it to be very pigmented and stayed on nicely despite eating and drinking. Just make sure you apply it with a lip brush – lip tints can be tricky to work with and aren’t very forgiving.


*Bonus* Lavera Firming Day Cream

I find these one-use sachets don’t really give me a strong indication as to whether a product works for me, but I’ll keep it in my draw for when I’m feeling the need to treat myself. The brand specialises in natural organic makeup and skin care, and this product is labelled as vegan.


Overall, I feel this box represents a true Aussie summer. Bright colours and handy products to help keep skin healthy, and some pretty generous sample sizes too.


What did you receive in your January Bellabox? What was your favourite product in the box?

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