Unboxing Candle Jewels

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook ads lately of ‘jewelry in a candle’ companies, and after doing a little bit of research I went with an Aussie company called ‘Candle Jewels’. Basically they have a whole bunch of fragrances, and each hand poured, soy wax candle has a ring (protected by a foil bag) hidden inside. They state their rings (bought in bulk) range in price from $30 all the way up to $7000 (RRP).


Over the holidays they had a deal where you could buy three candles for $98 along with free postage, so I went with that and purchased ‘Ocean Breeze’, ‘Rainwater’ and ‘Strawberries & Cream’. From what I’ve seen, even their normal price is the cheapest compared to other ‘ring in a candle’ companies.

After almost three weeks my candles finally arrived (holidays + special deal = longer timeframe). I opened up the parcel to find pretty silver tissue paper and bubble wrap, followed by three elegant black boxes that each held a candle. I also received a bonus tealight in the scent ‘Champange Celebration’, which smells a little like a fancy hotel!


Ocean Breeze was the first one I opened, and it smells similar to a lot of air fresheners used in bathrooms. Not necessarily a bad thing, I was just hoping for a smell that was more original, but to be fair I did go with a safer scent.


Rainwater does actually remind me of fresh air after a storm, mixed with fresh linen. It’s the most masculine out of the three scents I got, so great if you don’t like overly-sweet scents.


On the other end of the scent scale, Strawberries & Cream is the epitome of sugary sweetness. This one is really strong, and reminds me of a retro-style lolly shop. I think once it’s lit it’ll be more strawberries than lolly shop though.


I was a little disappointed the candles had small cracks between the wick and wax, and two of them had melted a little in the top of the lid (one leaked a little in its box). Nothing a quick wipe over couldn’t fix, but it did bring down the overall presentation when unboxing them (my Mum makes high quality candles, so I’m very fussy when looking at other ones!)


One thing that really impressed me were the size of the candles, they look much bigger in person than on the website, so these should last a while 🙂

I had Ocean Breeze burning in the bathroom for a while, and it’s give the space a really refreshing, clean scent. It wasn’t melting down fast enough for my patience though, so I ended up digging around soft wax for the ring. I advise being patient though, as I ended up cutting into the protective packaging. Quickly I ripped open the bag and washed under hot water. Here’s what I got:


The gemstone is peridot, set in silver, and the ring is worth $55 (RRP). Its design is pretty unique, and it fits perfect! I’m now looking forward to seeing what I discover in my other two candles 🙂

Have you tried a ring in a candle before? Let me know if you’ve got a recommendation of what I should try next!

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