First impression of Jamberry nail wraps

So everyone has been raving about these nail wraps for a while now. I’ve been invited to two online Facebook parties (similar to Tuppaware house parties – but from your computer). There’s been so much hype around them, so I decided I try out the sample I received in my December Bellabox.


Disclaimer: please note this is my personal opinion from the experience I had.

If you are wanting to try these out, make sure you watch a couple of video tutorials, and read up on tips for applying these wraps. For me, the application was more technical than applying nail polish, so the tutorials were handy.

Since I received a small sheet sample, I had to improvise with some of the tools. For example, instead of a Jamberry heater, I used a hair straightener. I don’t feel like you really need to go out and buy the brand’s accessories – if the nail wraps are as good as the hype, they’ll speak for themselves (provided you follow the application instructions).

First I used a little wooden stick to push my cuticles back, as you would before applying anything to your natural nails.


Next I measured the wrap to my finger, cutting out the correct size.


I then took my cuticle stick put the nail wrap on it, before moving it in between the straightener.


I waited a few seconds until the wrap started to curl (wraps are heat-activated). I quickly removed the wrap from the heat and placed it on my nail, pushing down firmly, ensuring there were no bubbles.


I placed my newly wrapped nail into the middle of the straightener (careful not to touch the hot plates!) and held it there for a few seconds, before removing my finger and pressing down on the nail to really make sure it adhered properly.


Next I took the nail file and filed off the excess wrap. Then it was just simply adding a top coat of polish to seal in the wrap (I don’t think this step was essential, but I’d been told it helps).


And the wraps looked fantastic. For about a day.

Then I started to notice the wrap lifting from one side of the nail. I used heat to try bond the wrap back on, eventually giving up and replacing it with a new wrap. Unfortunately other nails started having the same issue, pealing from the side or back of the nail. I’d run my fingers through my hair and get my nails caught. At about day four I removed all the wraps, and went straight back to nail polish.


In my honest opinion, these are not worth the money or the hype that comes with them. And I really did want these to revolutionize the way I decorated my nails. Yes, they look super cute, but so does my OPI or Sally Hansen polish (which are also easier to apply!) Yes, my normal nail polish doesn’t last me two weeks, but neither do the wraps. If these were cheaper than my nail polish, I’d consider getting a sheet and using the wraps for feature nails, but that’s about as much ‘Jam’ I can handle.

Am I alone in this? Has anyone else (real customers/Bellabox samplers) had better luck with these? Everybody and every nail is unique, so what didn’t work for me might work better for you.

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