Profusion Lux Makeup Kit Review

Priceline just had a 40% off all cosmetics sale…and I didn’t buy anything. Yes, you heard me, 40% off, and not a cent spent! The reason why is pretty simple…I bought a kit from the brand Profusion Cosmetics that boasted 57 eye shadows, 17 lip colours, three blushes and three face powders – for $15.00. When I first saw the kit, I wasn’t overly keen on purchasing it…that much product, for that price, could not be any good…especially when I’d never heard of the brand. You get what you pay for when it comes to makeup. But as you’ll soon see, I got an incredible deal.


Let’s talk about the actual kit first. The packaging looked massive, but upon opening the box, I found a small kit, a little bigger than the length of my hand. I opened it up and found a set of shimmery creams, pinks, warm shades of light to mid-browns, taupes and navies. I opened up the other side, and sure enough there were pastel shades in classic apricot, lilac, peach, pink, mint and more, as well as richer shades and hues resembling the ocean. In the centre there’s three shades of foundation on the left (I’ll use the middle for contouring!), and on the right three pretty blush shades (perfect for my pale skin). I reached underneath the kit’s base and found even more shades, this time a little bit of everything!



I’ve already tried a couple of these on my eyelids as well, and they’ve got the staying power of any other good quality shadow (but cheaper…sooo much cheaper!)

Finally, I flicked down the top to reveal lip colours that ranged in style, from delicate, barely-there shades to ones that know how to party. Seriously blown away by all the colours, and genuinely surprised at how nice some of them looked on my lips (I didn’t have high hopes for some of them!)



I cannot get over how good the Profusion Lux Makeup Kit is, and how handy it is with the way each compartment neatly clicks in. This is fantastic value for money, and I’d highly recommend giving this a go, no matter what beauty level you’re at (novice to expert – this is an all-rounder!)

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