Disney arrives at Pandora (AU)

If you love fairytales as much as me (in particular – Disney!), stop whatever you’re doing right now. I’ve just discovered something super-duper exciting! Pandora has updated their (Australian) website, and have just added some of the Disney charms. I’ve been eyeing off the US Pandora store for a while, and probably would already have a charm or two from the range if they shipped Down Under. Surprisingly, Pandora’s Disney Collection is still unavailable in Europe, so Australia’s pretty lucky to have the collection in my opinion (we’re usually left until last for a lot of things!)

Disney Pandora Home Page

I’m so excited to see the launch of the Disney Collection online, and I’ll be going in store tomorrow as they officially launch the range with a VIP event (held across most Pandora stores). They’ve promised an evening of “fun and inspiration including light refreshments, gift bags and exclusive prize giveaways”. Eeeee! I’m just a little bit excited.

Disney Pandora Carousel Blue

If you’re like me and can’t wait to pop in store, take a look on their website to see what’s available in the collection. I’ve already had a browse online, and have picked out a few favourites I’ll be keeping a close eye on (hello wishlist!)

Pumpkin Coach, Sparkling Slipper, Dream Heart                   (yes – Cinderella is my favourite, thanks for noticing!)

Let me know in the comment section what charm/s you’ve got your eyes on, and perhaps one you’d like to see created as part of the Disney Pandora line. 

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