Cruelty-free favourites #2 (Skin, Lips and Hair)

I’ve got a couple more cruelty-free favourites that I want to share with you. Most of these could almost go in an ‘Empties’ post, I’ve used them that much!

Models Prefer Makeup Setting Mist

This sets my makeup wonderfully and dries quickly. It’s got a nice, clean scent and isn’t heavy on my skin (it’s definitely a mist rather than a spray!) I use a few quick pumps a day and it’s lasted me months – pretty good for a 120mL bottle in my opinion.


Nude by Nature Brushes

I’ve become quite the collector of these brushes – it started with a blush brush as part of a gift set, and now I’ve got two entire brush sets. They use high quality synthetic fibres, so no animals were harmed in the making of these top-quality brushes.


Burts Bees BeesWax Lip Balm (Vitamin E & Peppermint)

Thanks for introducing me to this product Bellabox! I use this a few times a day¬†and I love the feel it gives my lips – both as I’m applying it, and the results after having it on. The peppermint tingles on my lips (pretty unique for a lip balm), and once it’s settled the beeswax smooths and soothes my lips. Some people have even said this product has given them plumper lips! As you can see, it’s used often!


Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde Moisture Serum

Yet another awesome product I’ve come across thanks to Bellabox! I use this after I’ve washed my hair, and it helps hydrate my ends. This product is a leave-in treatment, and it smells amazing. Don’t be fooled by the purple liquid, it’s clear and you can’t see it once it’s all rubbed through. If you’re blonde, naturally or not, give this product a try.


Do you have a go-to hair or skincare brand that’s cruelty-free? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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