Pilaten Collagen Lip Mask Review

A couple of days ago I tried out one of Asia’s biggest beauty trends – the lip mask! These little masks are designed to nourish your lips and restore softness (something that is often lost during winter). I’m really out of the loop when it comes to beauty trends, but when Bellabox announced some members would be receiving the Pilaten Collagen Lip Mask, I was intrigued.


I had liquid (water?) dribble out after opening the packet, so do take care when taking the mask out. I basically just popped it on my lips and pressed down to make sure it was in place. I made sure the mask’s crease lined up with my lip crease so both top and bottom lip were covered properly with no air between my lips and the mask.

Look & Feel

It’s a pretty funky look, and definitely selfie-worthy (the mask is oversized, so it’ll fit anyone)! I felt a really slight tingling sensation when I first put it on my lips, but other than that it was basically the same as a face mask. It stayed on well despite me moving around and wanting to touch it every five minutes. It’s just like having a thin layer of jelly over the bottom half of your face.


My lips felt subtle and softer after using the mask. After a few hours, I noticed my lips were a little fuller and smoother too, which was a really nice surprise, considering how cheap these masks are on Ebay (I’ve ordered 10 for less than $4 plus free postage). If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fun way to pamper yourself, definitely give this new trend a try.


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