Simple replacement earring backing

This more of an FYI than a tutorial. I’ve found a super simple way to ‘fix’ or use something pretty common for when you lose/break an earring backing. Unfortunately I’ve only ever lost/broken backings for expensive/wear-everyday earrings, so I’ve come up with a solution that allows me to continue wearing these earrings.image

At a lot of cheaper jewelry/retail stores (think places like Lovisa), their earrings always have these little plastic tubes behind the backings. I believe these are used more for hygiene purposes, but they also double as back up backings!

I’ve acquired a little collection of them, more because I thought they may come in handy one day. Turns out, I was right. All you need to do is slide one of these babies onto the earring’s stick to hold it in place.


It literally replaces the metal backing – that’s it. You can’t feel the difference, but if your ears are sensitive, and you have the backing (like mine that’s still intact but broken), you can slide the backing on, and secure it in place with the rubber piece.

Because these little tubes are only rubber/plastic, I recommend changing them over every once in a while, as they aren’t as strong as metal and may wear/become loose over time.


Do you have any tricks for repairing earrings? Let me know in the comment section!

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